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Myanmar- why did I go there?

    Where did the idea for a trip to Burma come from? Why is it worth coming to Burma? Recently, this country has become very popular. More and more people are planning or going to this region of Southeast Asia. All the more I am glad that in 20017  I decided to go to

Hap An – the place worth to see.

I have to admit that the southeastern parts of Myanmar have proved to be the most geographically interesting region to which I traveled through this country – and there are several guide attractions there. The region of Kayin state is a lovely hillock, after which it was nice to travel.. In the vicinity of Hpa-An,

Myanmar ( Burma)- People and culture

  People.   People in  Myanmar are very simple and modest and still  stay in a distance  form the modern wester or pop culture. What it makes the country more  interesting to visit. Therefore, what might be surprise for you, men don’t t wear trousers but only a kind of sorghum and women often have