Southern Myanmar. The palce of tousands virgin beaches

I do not know if there is a competition for  is the length of the bus trip, but 19 hours with one rather fast change is our first record . But it was really worth it !!!!!   The southern part of Burma (around Dawei and Myiek) has been open to tourists only for three years. Virgin beaches, fishing villages, spontaneous, friendly and extremely honest people. But soon it will change. So far we enjoyed bustling bazaars, golden stupas and Buddhist rituals, river life and then a ride on the Death Railway to the former capital of Mawlamyine (for 6 hours at a dizzying speed of 30 km /

Beautiful and empty beaches we have not seen a long time . The natives appear in Clusters at the weekend. They bathe, swim on black inner tubes (we remember), drink whisky, sit in the shade, eat, but above all, they make photos .The favorite activity of the natives is an evening ride, with my family or scooter. Long walks are possible only in the early morning or afternoon, due to the temperature, unless you are ME :))) The house we had all lucky reserved only for 2nights, The first night ants  bitten me (I’m I did not like it) that I even went to a village doctor, who said ” it was ants, that I would be alive”.

The Southern Myanmar  beaches themselves? Well, at first glance they are beautiful. Sandy, long and empty. However, the shade is very difficult and the sun burns without mercy. Unfortunately,the locals quickly learned that tourists come to the beaches. Especially children quickly tried catch a tourist relationship — > money. It is the only international word that you have learned and do not hesitate to use it. Of course without motorcycle adventure, the trip wouldn’t be completed. On the first day after an hour of driving after an extremely bumpy road we arrived at a very nice beach. We carefully checked the ground and if it is possible to ride  the motorcycle on the beach. There’s nothing like an effective pushing the bike toward the beach. A totally empty beach, zero mobile phone coverage, no one on the horizon, just noon, and we have  motorbike, empty beach and the time on our side. After a while, a young boy, our salvation, came completely out of nowhere. We were are saved, he showed the nearest point where the fresh water was on sale. Having on mind about 2 hours motorbike ride, about 4 pm we head back to our hotel.

Southern Myanmar is beautiful.  The information available to travelers about the south is still very limited, making them wonder if there is anything worth to see there. Our short answer is ” absolutely YES” There is a slowly growing number of hotels, bungalows , tour operators, airlines flying, bus operators running service and moreover only few travelers. So the Southern Myanmar is waiting.


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