Myanmar- why did I go there?



Where did the idea for a trip to Burma come from? Why is it worth coming to Burma? Recently, this country has become very popular. More and more people are planning or going to this region of Southeast Asia. All the more I am glad that in 20017  I decided to go to Burma. What tempted us? While browsing the Internet for photo portals, I encountered more and more photographs of characteristically rowing fishermen from Inle Lake, beautiful panoramas of sunrise and sunset “the land of a thousand pagodas” in Bagan, people painted something white (thanaka) on the face. I learned then that there is a state like Burma (Myanmar).


Amazing  nature

Encouraged by beautiful paintings, I began to search for the country, culture, customs, visas, and transport. All those elements that interested me before traveling to Myanmar, or were important from the backpacker’s point of view, I wrote down in a separate article to make it easier for others. The main argument that even more convinced us in the decision was the statistics of the number of tourists visiting Myanmar. The country, compared to Thailand, visits over 100 times less tourists! Of course, nowadays it is changing very much.


Amazing people. 

People in Myanmar are very simple and modest and still stay in a distance form the modern wester or pop culture. What it makes the country more interesting to visit. Therefore, what might be surprise for you, men don’t t wear trousers but only a kind of sorghum and women often have something on the heads like a turban with a headscarf or towel. A big percentage of man in Burma chews betel, making their wide smiles very red and their teeth brown. People are definitely one of Burma’s greatest attractions. In a country side they very often help each other in farming, repairing or building a house, preparing family celebrations or nursing during illness. One of the best known customs is the so-called hand-lending, based on mutual help between villagers or settlements.


Political change. 

It’s worth remembering that Burma has changed a lot in terms of politics over the past few years. Many political prisoners were released from many years in prison, after more than 15 years of house arrest, a peaceful Nobel Prize winner and Aung San Suu Kyi, oppositionist, released in November 2010, reportedly can be officially talked about democracy, and in April 2012, 37 deputies came to the government from the National League for Democracy Party (NLD)


I am too “thin” to be able to judge whether this is real change or just a smokescreen of the government. However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the situations, places and events described by me have a “historical” overtone, because in 2017 there were no such changes. For me, the most important in Myanmar are its inhabitants, their warmth, the weather of the spirit, openness to other people, willingness to selfless help. I hope that I will be able to convey this “kindness” that we

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